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Freelance Switch

FreelanceSwitch is a community of expert freelancers from around the world.
If you’ve got a job you need doing, you can put up a free job ad on our job board to find a professional designer, developer, blogger, photographer, illustrator or virtually any other type of freelancer!

If you’re a freelancer, whether brand new or seasoned veteran, this is the place to get all the information and support you need!

The Blog

Our blog covers a vast array of topics about life as a freelancer, from Tax Tips for Freelancers to Determining Your Hourly Rate, Transitioning from Fulltime work to Freelancing to Where to Find Freelance Work and much more. If you’re new to the blog, a great place to begin is our Explore FreelanceSwitch page which has lots of jump points to get you into the material.

The Forums

We have a very active community on FreelanceSwitch. You can meet your fellow freelancers, trade advice and ask for feedback all on our Freelance Forums! Drop in and say hello!

The Job Board and Directory

Freelancing is largely about finding work, that’s why we have a large part of the site dedicated to doing just that. Join our FreelanceSwitch subscription and you’ll get access to apply for jobs on the Freelance Job Board as well as listings in our Freelancer Directory.


We have plenty more resources both here and elsewhere for freelancers to dive through including the Freelance Podcast, a Resource Directory of online tools, a Freelance Rates Calculator and a Survey of 3700 Freelancers.

So enjoy the site, and get involved to help make this the best place for freelancers online!

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