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Codepen, yes codepen

It's just easier to write and share code snippets via codepen these days.
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Active Projects

Taino JS - A Javascript Framework/Library for building sites fast
A vanilla JS implementation of an AWS S3 File Manager
IndieShowCase - More info coming soon.

These are just some older tutorials I wrote over the years to share with you.

Retired many of these because the code is old and no longer useful

  • 03-27-2011 Basic Forrst API Tutorial
  • 04-03-2011 Forrst API Grab User Posts
  • 04-12-2011 Simple Form Popup [There is one on my codepen]
  • 06-10-2011 JQuery Simple Slider - Horizontal Slider
  • 07-18-2011 JQuery Simple Drop Down
11-25-2015 Generated full xkcd image based on image file paths
11-25-2015 Source code of the xkcd parse