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Android Dissected

Android Dissected – Delving Inside The System! Or as we like to call ourselves: ADDITS. We are glad to see you here and hope that you find our site useful and informative. While we know there isn’t much here at the moment, we certainly hope that changes each and every day and that we as a site can grow with you, for you and because of you.

At Android Dissected we want to delve inside the Android system and show you what you can do with your Android device. We will be reviewing themes, custom kernels, ROM’s and most everything else that you, the developers, put out to the Android community. We’re doing this to bring exposure to YOU, the developer, who spent countless hours doing all of the hard work for the things we put on our devices. We want everyone else in the community to know a bit about you and who you are and what exactly you do. So this means each and every review we do will have a bit of background about you so the community can show you the appreciation you much deserve. We will also be doing interviews with anyone and everyone we possibly can who is an Android developer. Regardless if you create a theme, a ROM, custom kernel or whatever. We want to interview you. We also want to do this to give you, the user, a better understanding of how the process works and how to get these things working on your device. Regardless if you own the latest and greatest phone or tablet, or are trying to spruce up that old G1 of yours.

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