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May 26, 2017 02:54 pm GMT

Adobe Premiere Pro Make the Cut: Winners Reveal

Adobe Premiere Pro Make the Cut: Winners Reveal
Adobe Premiere Pro Make the Cut: Winners Reveal
AoiroStudioMay 26, 2017

Last month, we've featured the 25th anniversary celebration of Adobe Premiere on ABDZ. What we've included was an announcement for the global editing competition Make the Cut in partnership with Imagine Dragons and featuring a panel of video and entertainment industry luminaries. The grand prize winner will claim a grand prize of $25,000 and here is the winner and winners from subcategories.

It was a unique opportunity to show off their editing skills to cut a video using exclusive footage for their new hit single Believer, shot by accomplished director Matt Eastin. Cutting a music video is a significant undertaking, but we knew that our users would be up for the challenge.

In their Words

Make the Cut received nearly 9,000 submissions from 28 countries, including cuts from the UK, Germany, India, Japan, the Philippines and Norfolk Island. Sixty percent of the entries came from brilliant young creators under the age of 25, and 68 percent used Adobe Stock content in their cuts.

Adobes Make the Cut Winner

Since it takes, on average, 15-20 hours to edit a music video, potentially hundreds of thousands of hours were spent by our amazing community to create their submissions and we couldnt be more impressed.

I was blown away by the level of creativity, skill and storytelling in the submissions we received. I always say Adobe has the most creative community in the world and the quality of work from this contest was yet another proof point. - Ann Lewnes, Adobes CMO, and a judge of Make the Cut.

Additional Winners

Fan Favorite: Christian Gravland, USA

Most Unexpected: Timo Hensen, The Netherlands

Best Young Creator: Nicolas Burnage, France

Best Short Form: Lucia Noriega, Spain

Best Use of Stock: Micah Stuart, USA

For more information, visit Make the Cut.

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