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CSSG is a community driven site dedicated to web standard run by web standards designer and developer Alen Grakalic. I am a long time web professional, living in Rijeka, Croatia.

The site consists of two main sections: exclusive articles (mostly written by me) and community news sections.


This is exclusive content written for CSSG readership. Every now and then I have a guest writter so if you're interested in contributing send me an email

Community News

A place where members post web design and web standards related news. I moderate all posts before publishing in an effort of providing only the best content for you.

Any criteria for posting?

The most welcome news are those that are of the most interest to the community. Stuff like tutorials, good css related articles... Anything you want to share with the rest of the world and has something to do with web design and web standards will be published here.
You are invited to link to your own blog updates, but please make sure that the post is relevant to the community.
Please have in mind that no commercial related posts or free advertising will be published. Your account could be deleted without prior notice.

Any criteria for membership?

You must be in some way related to the web standards but other applications will not be turned down easily. Each application is reviewed manually and if your intentions are honest :) you will be invited to post news in the members section.


The best benefit you'll receive is self promotion. CSSG is tolerating posts about your recent projects or blog updates so concider this as a way to drive more visitors to your sites. Ofcourse, this opportunity must not be abused. Please, keep things moderate and try not to cross the line.

CSS Globe is a web design magazine brought to you by Alen Grakalic and kept fresh with member contributed news and exlusive articles.

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