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Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
Engadget was launched in March of 2004 in partnership with the Weblogs, Inc. Network (WIN).

05:47 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Sprint is the latest carrier to stop selling location data
Sprint has announced that it will cease selling users' location data to third parties, following similar moves made by Verizon (Engadget's parent company), T-Mobile and AT&T. The fou
05:20 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget LSU's bendable concrete could fix America's crumbling infrastructure
America's infrastructure is crumbling around us. The American Society of Civil Engineers' latest Infrastructure Report Card, from 2017, rated the nation's roads, bridges, airports and w
05:00 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Unity rolls out new rules for devs after Improbable fight
Unity has had a change of heart. The company is updating its terms of service so that any third-party software, including SpatialOS, can be used in conjunction with its popular game engine. "Some
04:44 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Netflix sets international release for George R. R. Martin's 'Nightflyers'
Netflix is looking to give SyFy's Nightflyers show a new lease of life on February 1st, when it lands on the streaming platform for viewers outside the US. Based on George R. R. Martin's 198
04:22 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Facebook will expand its political ad rules to Nigeria, Ukraine and EU
Facebook will be introducing some of its political advertising policies in additional regions in the coming months, Reuters reports. In Nigeria, where a presidential election is set to take place in F
04:00 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Motorola's next RAZR revival could be a $1,500 foldable phone
Motorola's RAZR flip-phone is reportedly set for a $1,500 foldable makeover. The new handset could arrive exclusively through Verizon as soon as next month, per The Wall Street Journal's sou
03:34 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget CERN plans to build a collider four times bigger than the LHC
Back in 2014, CERN sought the help of over 1,300 contributors to help it conjure up a feasible plan for a new collider much, much bigger than the LHC. Now, the research organization has unveiled preli
03:15 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget A closer look at Nike's Adapt BB auto-lacing basketball shoes
Back in December of last year, Nike revealed during its quarterly earnings call that it was getting ready to introduce a $350 self-lacing basketball shoe. Ever since, sneakerheads have been highly ant
03:00 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Many Facebook users still don't understand how targeted ads work
Despite major scandals, Congressional hearings, and efforts to highlight user privacy controls, most Facebook users still don't know the social network shares their interests with advertisers, ac
02:42 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget EA's open-world 'Star Wars' game is no more
Remember EA's open-world Star Wars game that promised bounty hunting across the series' universe? Anyone? No? Doesn't matter, it's been scrapped. EA Vancouver has cancelled the pro
02:21 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Cord cutting has grown by 50 percent in the last eight years
A new Nielsen study has found that the number of cord cutters in the US has grown by 48 percent over the past eight years. Apparently, 16 million homes no longer have traditional cable or satellite TV
02:00 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Teslas Navigate on Autopilot was my CES road trip companion
I love a good road trip. I've spent hundreds of thousands of miles in cars during my life, and the best times were when I knew it would be hours or even days before I reached my destination. Typi
01:31 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget OMRON's redesigned ping pong robot no longer holds back
OMRON is best known for its healthcare products like thermometers and blood pressure monitors -- now in the form of a smartwatch, even. But those who have been following our CEATEC coverage over the p
01:02 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Deezer's new app serves up 30,000 radio stations for free
Deezer has unveiled a new app that will give users access to 30,000 radio stations around the world. "Radio by Deezer," only available on Android in the UK for now, offers up music, live spo
12:31 pm -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Sony is replacing its awful camera photo transfer app
Many photographers use a DSLR or mirrorless camera to win on Instagram, but let's face it, camera-to-smartphone transfer apps are generally lousy. Sony has acknowledged as much with the release o
11:45 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget The Morning After: Netflix raises prices and fights over Fyre Festival
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.Good luck choosing your preferred source for a Fyre Festival documentary, as Hulu and Netflix are battling for the crown this week. At the same time, we're le
11:10 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Tesla releases a plug-in EV charger you can take with you
Tesla has released its first non-hardwired Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug for EV charging. Boasting 40 amps (9.6kW) of power, Tesla says the home charging device can juice up Model S, Model X a
10:10 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Oppo teases smartphone cameras with 10x hybrid zoom
Even though Oppo showed off a 5x "lossless" zoom dual camera back at MWC 2017, the system never showed up on any of the phones afterwards. But don't worry, the company hasn't given
08:02 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Verizon unlimited subscribers get permanent Apple Music access
Last year, Verizon offered unlimited subscribers six months of free access to Apple Music. Now the carrier is expanding that partnership and officially bundling Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited su
06:07 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget Japan's robot hotel 'fires' over half its robotic workers
Japan's robot hotel, the Hen-na ("Strange") Hotel, was supposed to represent the future of lodging with automatons taking care of things that previously required 'inefficient'
04:33 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget China grows the first plants on the Moon
The greenery you see in the soil above might not look like much, but it represents a big step in space exploration. Cotton seeds brought to the Moon aboard China's Chang'e-4 mission have sp
03:33 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget YouTube bans dangerous challenges like the 'Bird Box' dare
YouTube already frowns on challenges and pranks that put people at risk, but it's making that policy more explicit in light of the recent rise of Bird Box-inspired dares. The service has updated
02:31 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget 'The Sims' Alexa Skill is a game companion for superfans
Electronic Arts and Amazon are doing their version of the old "You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!" and "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" bit. The companies ann
12:29 am -05 - Wed, January 16, 2019
Engadget SEC brings charges in connection with hack of its financial system
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it is bringing charges against a Ukranian hacker for breaking into the agency's corporate filing system to access nonpubl
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