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Articles by Just Creative from October 2013

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07:16 pm GMT - Fri, October 25, 2013
Just Creative My Fav Tweets From This Week (Oct 20-25)
Here are a few interesting links that I tweeted this week. Feel free to follow me (@justcreative) for more. Street Artist Re-Creates Logos Out Of Condiments Logos made out of the actual product. Inter...
07:52 pm GMT - Tue, October 15, 2013
Just Creative 10 Strategies to Help Your Content Go Viral
Patrick Frehtenbaum* has contributed this article highlighting some strategies on how to make your content go viral. Enjoy! When content goes viral, it can get upwards of a million views. That’s...
06:10 pm GMT - Mon, October 7, 2013
Just Creative How to Make a Billboard That Delivers Results
While billboard ads to some may seem like an old-fashioned advertising tactic, billboard advertising has evolved to keep up with todays technologies while still providing results when it comes to expo...