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October 13, 2021 07:12 am GMT

7 Best Artificial intelligence technologies and there Websites.

Hello everyone!

In this article, we look into Best Artificial intelligence technologies.
We are using Artificial intelligence in our daily life I will tell you the best #7th website of the artificial intelligence it's help you to grow and build your knowledge.
Website are are given below and disruption also.

1.Robotic Process Automation

Alt Text
Robotic process is the process of the machine work in our world every place to using this AI to saving time and making process easy.

2.Cyber Defense

Alt Text
Cyber Defense is the Cyber Security to save and protect your data and personal thing from the hacker's.

3.Machine Learning Platforms

Alt Text
Machine Learning Platforms
A platform for automating and accelerating the delivery lifecycle of predictive applications capable of processing big data using machine learning or related techniques.


Alt Text
Biometrics is one of the AI which is Using your daily life example; school, company, factories, college etc.

5.Emotion Recognition

Alt Text
Emotion AI refers to artificial intelligence that detects your face and emotion reaction also and interprets human emotional signals.

6.Content Creation

Alt Text
Content Intelligence is a subset of AI that allows marketers to use machine learning algorithms to optimize content for consumption and distribution.

7.Speech Recognition

Alt Text
Speech recognition is the voice command to your device
It's the most of the people are using children's also using this AI..


I hope you found this article useful, if you need any help please let me know in the comment section.

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