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April 22, 2020 08:48 pm

Russian Dolls Leslye Headland is working on a new Star Wars show for Disney Plus

Premiere Of Disney’s “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” - Arrivals

Photo by Ethan Miller/FilmMagic

Russian Doll co-creator and showrunner Leslye Headland is reportedly working on a new Star Wars TV series for Disney Plus, according to a new report from Variety. The series is said to be a “female-centric” show set in a different part of the timeline than other current Star Wars projects, although there aren’t too many details on what the premise of the show will actually be.

Headland is best known for her work as the co-creator, showrunner, and co-writer for the popular Netflix series Russian Doll. According to Variety, Headland will serve in a similar showrunner / writer role for the new Star Wars show, too.

The show would be the fifth confirmed Star Wars show in development for...

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