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October 9, 2019 08:40 am

Logitech MX Master 3 teardown offers an intriguing look at its new scroll wheel

Image: Bolt

A new teardown of Logitech’s latest mouse offers a fascinating look at the “Magspeed” scroll wheel used in the MX Master 3. The teardown, which was done by the venture capital firm Bolt, also explores the myriad ergonomic and design changes Logitech made to its flagship mouse as the company continues to refine and iterate after 30 years in the business.

The main focus of the teardown is the mouse’s scroll wheel, which Bolt describes as being a “magnetic marvel.” The wheels in MX Master series mice have always been able to switch between a step-by-step ratcheting scroll and free-spinning modes. The difference with its third-generation MX Master mouse is that rather than using a motor and a mechanical contact to achieve this effect, the...

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