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August 13, 2019 01:54 pm GMT

Snap goes 3D with Spectacles 3, coming this fall

Snap announced the third generation of its smart glasses, Spectacles 3. 

The new Spectacles, which are coming this fall and can be pre-ordered now at, differ a lot from the second-gen version, which were mostly an incremental upgrade. 

The new Spectacles 3 are equipped with two HD cameras and can record 3D, 60 fps, first-person video. From there, you'll be able to wirelessly sync those videos (and photos) to your phone, and adorn them with a suite of Snapchat's 3D effects. 

New Spectacles come with a leather case that doubles as a charger.

New Spectacles come with a leather case that doubles as a charger.

Image: Snap

The photos are taken in a 1,642x1,642 pixel resolution, while the videos are recorded at a 1,216x1,216 pixel resolution. This is significantly lower than the resolution of photos and videos you’d take with a modern phone; for comparison, the iPhone XS’ main camera takes 4,032x3,024 pixel photos. Read more...

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