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September 24, 2021 04:17 pm GMT

CSS Variables | Learning CSS Best Practices - 01

to declare a variable prefix your variable name with two dashes then to use it, use the var() function

/* -- declaring the variable. -- */--variable_name: variable_value/* -- accessing the variable. -- */html {    font-family: var(--variable_name);}

Variable Scope | Global or Local ?

Variables can be either scoped globally or locally. declaring your variables inside the :root pseudo-class makes them available in the global scope and available for use throughout ythe stylesheet.

header {    --bg-color: red;    /* bg-color is only visisble to all children of the header element */}main {    background: var(--bg-color);    /* bg-color is undefined. */}/* to declare global variables place all variable inside the :root pseudo-class */:root {    bg-color: red;}header {    background: var(--bg-color);}main {    background: var(--bg-color);}

Common Use Cases

One way to use css variables is to save common colors or an entire color pallete which you can then use to style elements.

:root {   /* -- Use css variables to declare site colors -- */   --primary-color: black;   --secondary-color: gray;   --tetiary-color: white;   /* -- Color Palettes -- */   /* -- black color palette */   --black-clr-plt-1: rgb(0, 0, 0);   --black-clr-plt-2: rgb(30, 30, 30);   --black-clr-plt-3: rgb(60, 60, 60);   --black-clr-plt-4: rgb(90, 90, 90);   /* -- brown color palette -- */   --brown-clr-plt-1: rgb(60, 20, 20);   --brown-clr-plt-2: rgb(90, 30, 30);   --brown-clr-plt-3: rgb(120, 40, 40);   --brown-clr-plt-4: rgb(150, 50, 50);}/* -- styling -- */body {   background: var(--brown-clr-plt-3);   color: var(--black-color-plt-1);   border: 1px solid var(--primary-color);}

Providing Fallback Values

To provide a fallback value in case the variable is undefined, pass the fallback value as a second argument into the var() function.

:root {   --site-font: 'Raleway';}html {   font-family: var('Raleway', monospace);}/* In this example if site-font is undefined, the monospace font is used. */

that's it, you're welcome to follow the journey onwards on my github

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