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April 23, 2020 02:47 pm

The Mandalorians stunning set and technology get explored in first trailer for Disney Plus docuseries

The Mandalorian’s second season is still a few months away, but a new trailer for Disney Plus’ eight-part documentary series on the making of season 1 promises to fill the gap.

Each episode of the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will focus on a different aspect of the show, ranging from behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen clips, roundtable interviews with the cast and directors behind each episode, and in-depth looks at the technology and props used. In the trailer above, co-creator and co-writer Jon Favreau is seen leading a number of said roundtables as well as explaining how they shot certain scenes. Unlike most genre films and TV shows today, The Mandalorian didn’t rely solely on CGI to make certain scenes happen, and that process...

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