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April 17, 2020 04:47 pm

Mrs. America shows why the implosion of the Equal Rights Amendment still haunts us today

Image: FX

In American politics, the Equal Rights Amendment is among one of the quieter embarrassments in United States history, a proposed legislation that, incredibly, has never been passed. Asserting that equality under the law not be denied on the basis of sex, the ERA has spent nearly 100 years in limbo. First introduced by activists in 1921, nearly passing in the 1970s, and finding renewed interest this year, the struggle over the amendment slowly became a long-simmering culture war that remains unfortunately relevant.

Mrs. America, the new FX series streaming exclusively on Hulu, is the story of why it fell apart and the woman who made it happen. A nine-episode limited series, the show largely follows Phyllis Schlafly, the notorious...

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