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August 13, 2019 02:40 pm GMT

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is on sale for 48% off at Amazon

TL;DR: Get the waterproof Ultimate Ears Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker for $104.90. Usually listed at $199.99, you'll be saving $95.09. 

You know the best way to make friends at college? Be the person who always comes through with a Bluetooth speaker and an impressive playlist at the ready. Even better if the speaker boasts solid sound quality and can handle a few spills. (I’m obviously referring to spills of water.)

Enter: the impressive Ultimate Ears Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker. And because Amazon has it priced at $104.90 right now, you can snag it for $95.09 off while checking a crucial item off your back to school shopping list.  Read more...

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