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08:27 pm GMT - Wed, October 30, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Introduction to Sails.js
Sails is a Javascript framework designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails. It makes the process of building Node.js apps easier, especially APIs, single page apps a...
07:42 pm GMT - Mon, October 28, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Interview With Brian Leroux of Adobes PhoneGap Team
Mobile web development is tough especially when you're trying to offer native-like experiences to users. Several years ago, a small company called Nitobi took on the effort of simplifying building...
07:36 pm GMT - Fri, October 25, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Setting Up a Mac Dev Machine From Zero to Hero With Dotfiles
Setting up a new machine can often be an exciting prospect. However, as developers, there are a lot of tools we need that don’t come as standard.In this post, I’d like to go through some o...
06:39 pm GMT - Wed, October 23, 2013
TutsPlus - Code New Development Courses Available on Tuts+ Premium
Tuts+ Premium courses teach you a single skill from top to bottom, inside out.Currently, more than 15,000 members are sharpening their skills in web design, web development, Photoshop, vector design, ...
06:00 pm GMT - Wed, October 23, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Dates and Time The OOP Way
The Date/Time PHP extension is a set of classes that allow you to work with almost all of the date and time related tasks. It’s been available since the release of PHP 5.2 and the extension intr...
06:00 pm GMT - Mon, October 21, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Working With IndexedDB Part 2
Welcome to the second part of my IndexedDB article. I strongly recommend reading the first article in this series, as I’ll be assuming you are familiar with all the concepts covered so far. In t...
06:00 pm GMT - Fri, October 18, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Interview With Bruce Lawson of Opera
There’s a perception that being in developer relations for a browser maker is all glamor and glitz involving lots of jet setting and rockstar-like experiences. So far I haven’t personally ...
06:41 pm GMT - Wed, October 16, 2013
TutsPlus - Code The Learning Conundrum
When I started working in information technology professionally in 1989, things were pretty easy in terms of choosing a direction to head into. At least in my area (South Florida), you went into one o...
09:10 pm GMT - Mon, October 14, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Tips to Avoid Brittle UI Tests
In the last article I talked about a few ideas and patterns, like the Page Object pattern, that help write maintainable UI tests. In this article we are going to discuss a few advanced topics that cou...
09:17 pm GMT - Fri, October 11, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Essential Meteor Performance Tips
Meteor is the one of the easiest and robust ways to build real-time web apps. But Meteor is also known for bad performance. This is half true and half false. But that doesn’t mean Meteor cannot ...
09:30 pm GMT - Wed, October 9, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Maintainable Automated UI Tests
A few years ago I was very skeptical about automated UI testing and this skepticism was born out of a few failed attempts. I would write some automated UI tests for desktop or web applications and a f...
08:28 pm GMT - Mon, October 7, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Node.js: Better Performance With Socket.IO and doT
If your site relies on data sent to clients, you can boost its performance using client-side templates and WebSockets. In this tutorial, I will show you how.IntroductionWe will begin by transforming a...
06:00 pm GMT - Fri, October 4, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Functional Programming in PHP
The new hype in programming is all about functional programming paradigms. Functional languages are used more and more in greater and better applications. Scala, Haskel, etc. are thriving and other, m...
09:00 pm GMT - Wed, October 2, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Complete the Tuts+ Survey and Win Prizes
Tell us what you think, and get the chance to win fantastic prizes worth a total of $14,634!We love the community of readers we have at Tuts+ and your opinion is incredibly valuable to us. This week, ...
06:00 pm GMT - Wed, October 2, 2013
TutsPlus - Code Resources to Get You Up to Speed in AngularJS
Some of you may have read my Ember.js series of articles and realized I'm pretty smitten with the framework. But as a professional developer, it's important that I consider other tools and tak...
07:13 pm GMT - Mon, September 30, 2013
TutsPlus - Code New Relic & JMeter Perfect Performance Testing
Following on from the great introductory articles featured recently on Nettuts+, this article looks to show how you can take New Relic to the next level. As a performance monitoring tool New Relic is ...