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Articles by Just Creative from October 2011

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06:17 pm GMT - Fri, October 28, 2011
Just Creative What do you love about the web?
What do you love about the web? This was a simple question posed by J. Cornelius, president of the AWDG, to a small handful of designers including Jeffrey Zeldman, Cameron Moll, Carl Smith, Jonathan S...
06:22 pm GMT - Thu, October 27, 2011
Just Creative Recent Work: Brand Identity
Last year I created the brand identity for and just recently had the pleasure to meet the client for the first time here in NYC. They showed me what they had done with the brand identity I cr...
05:41 pm GMT - Thu, October 20, 2011
Just Creative How To Keep Up To Date As A Designer
This is a guest article contributed by Nora Reed*.–In this world of lightening fast development, professionals can find it hard to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest. Similarly, some des...
08:40 pm GMT - Wed, October 12, 2011
Just Creative Future of Web Design NYC 2011
Conferences are a great way to stay up to date and this is especially true for one of the fastest moving industries in the world; web design.This year, Just Creative Design is partnering up with Carso...
05:45 pm GMT - Thu, October 6, 2011
Just Creative The Value of Education in Design
This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey.–I’m all for determined do-it-yourself careers. There is something almost awe inspiring about strapping on your boots and thrusting yourself...