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04:51 pm GMT - Tue, January 23, 2018
Android Dissected Why Use Drupal Theme For Your Website
Drupal is a unique platform which helps to get digital experience. Collection themes are available there to set a website theme. It assists to design the website with amazing themes. Bootstrap is a po...
09:31 pm GMT - Wed, January 17, 2018
Android Dissected The Uses of Augmented Reality In Marketing and Advertising
With Apple, Facebook, Google, and Snap rushing to release their best smartphone based AR, it is clear that AR is gaining ground and sooner rather than later. AR also called mixed reality is a techniqu...
04:08 pm GMT - Mon, January 8, 2018
Android Dissected Upload And Share Files By Utilizing Best File Upload Site
XFileSharing Pro is the latest platform that allows the user to share and upload the files in an effective manner. In fact, the platform brings a powerful solution for sharing different files with a b...