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April 2, 2024 04:13 pm GMT

What I have in my portfolio

The first thing, I want to say thank to Mr.CodeBucks. I am a back-end guy and maybe that why front-end would be a nightmare with me (Like my post if you felt it too ), so I have followed this video of CodeBucks to create my portfolio by NextJS ft. TailwindCSS. After a few days, I finished the front-end and ....


As I said, I am a back-end guy, so I want (or try) to do everything automatically. In this post, I will walk around what I have implemented

Hosting & Deploy automatic

I hosted my portfolio in Vercel. The main reason why I chose it is the hosting has great support for NextJS and IMPORTANT THING, it is total FREE (with my usage). And I have use GitHub Action for deploy it automatically when I make or merge change into main branch.

Fetch Articles

Articles Page

I havent yet launched my blog, but I recently began writing articles here for the past few months. I decided use DEV Community API to fetch articles which I have published and show it in my website .

Fetch Projects

Projects Page

This is the hardest part (I think) in all of them, it took me 3-4 hours to find the solution . The main core is I mix Google Sheet and Google Drive to store my project's info (title, description, git URL, thumbnail), after that I open API from that sheet which work like a tiny CMS, to get the data . You will have question why I not use GitHub API, I have the reason and I will show you in relate post later.


That is what I have done in my portfolio website for now, maybe I will have more change in the future . And I will write a detailed post for each feature above to show how I implemented it. Follow me if you feel interested in it .

Happy Coding!

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