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April 2, 2024 05:51 pm GMT

What Does Tech Mean?

Coming from a background where coding gadgets and technology were never the main focus, I grew up in Africa, and everything used to be manual, from the most mundane jobs of cabinet filing to the most intricate workload.

Africa is catching up slowly, trying to catch up.

However, this discussion takes a more dynamic turn, as "what tech is" has been overly abused.

Technology is a term used by media and big tech firms to create the illusion that we are all connected.

The idea that technology is taking over the world might be far-fetched, which is why many argue about the power of technology and its impact on remote areas.

There are still areas and zones that have yet to feel the impact and wish not to be disturbed; however, the grandeur of the idea technology carries alongside.

I watched a documentary about some of the Himalayas tribes and how they try to limit the stronghold of technology in their communities.

We as a people are losing our stronghold of the community, as zeros and ones are becoming the only language we understand.

We are losing what makes us human in the rush to be singularised (Singularity).

What happens next?

What is Tech, then? Is it a tool to solve man's greatest need, or one to end us all

Share your thoughts.

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