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April 2, 2024 02:02 am

Databricks Claims Its Open Source Foundational LLM Outsmarts GPT-3.5

Lindsay Clark reports via The Register: Analytics platform Databricks has launched an open source foundational large language model, hoping enterprises will opt to use its tools to jump on the LLM bandwagon. The biz, founded around Apache Spark, published a slew of benchmarks claiming its general-purpose LLM -- dubbed DBRX -- beat open source rivals on language understanding, programming, and math. The developer also claimed it beat OpenAI's proprietary GPT-3.5 across the same measures. DBRX was developed by Mosaic AI, which Databricks acquired for $1.3 billion, and trained on Nvidia DGX Cloud. Databricks claims it optimized DBRX for efficiency with what it calls a mixture-of-experts (MoE) architecture â" where multiple expert networks or learners divide up a problem. Databricks explained that the model possesses 132 billion parameters, but only 36 billion are active on any one input. Joel Minnick, Databricks marketing vice president, told The Register: "That is a big reason why the model is able to run as efficiently as it does, but also runs blazingly fast. In practical terms, if you use any kind of major chatbots that are out there today, you're probably used to waiting and watching the answer get generated. With DBRX it is near instantaneous." But the performance of the model itself is not the point for Databricks. The biz is, after all, making DBRX available for free on GitHub and Hugging Face. Databricks is hoping customers use the model as the basis for their own LLMs. If that happens it might improve customer chatbots or internal question answering, while also showing how DBRX was built using Databricks's proprietary tools. Databricks put together the dataset from which DBRX was developed using Apache Spark and Databricks notebooks for data processing, Unity Catalog for data management and governance, and MLflow for experiment tracking.

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