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November 20, 2023 01:36 pm GMT

Was working on personal Portfolio website!

Hey Everybody!

I'm currently working on redesigning my portfolio website and incorporating animations to achieve a look similar to those featured on I'll share the final result once it's completed.

As for the current performance of my website, I believe it's quite satisfactory. Here are a few key considerations to achieve optimal performance:

  1. Lazy Loading: Ensure that images are loaded lazily to improve the initial rendering speed of the website. This means images will only load when they come into the viewport.
<img src="image.jpg" alt="..." loading="lazy" />
  1. WEBP Format: Opt for the .webp format for images, as it is widely supported by web browsers.
    Tool that could help

  2. TinyPng: Use tools like TinyPng to further reduce image sizes, aiming for a range of around 50-80 KB.
    Tool that could help

  3. Alt Tags and Meta Tags: Always include descriptive alt tags for images and enhance meta tags for better SEO. Additionally, explore HTML5 semantic elements such as section, article, and picture tags instead of overusing div tags.

If alt text describes an image, meta description describes a webpage

  1. CSS Minification: Minify CSS files to reduce code size, ultimately improving rendering speed.
    Tool That could help

  2. Dependency Management: Only include necessary dependencies and remove any unnecessary elements to streamline the website.

These optimizations, combined with a focus on grammatically correct content, will contribute to an enhanced user experience. Keep up the great work!


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