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November 20, 2023 12:41 am

Text Adventures are Still Thriving in Interactive Fiction Competition - and On Threads

Today saw the end of's 29th annual text adventure competition (now administered by the charitable non-profit IF Technology Foundation). 74 new and original text adventures competed for a share of the $7,523 prize pool, with the winners announced in a special online ceremony on Twitch this afternoon. After all the votes were tabulated, the winning game was Dr Ludwig and the Devil, a 90-minute epic in which an esteemed mad scientist tries to double-cross Beelzebub himself — along with "the world's least effective torch and pitchfork-wielding mob!" Coming in second was LAKE Adventure. (Its premise? That it's a 13-year-old's 1993 game being revisited by its author 28 years later — complete with some gloriously retro artwork.) And finishing third was The Little Match Girl 4 (described as "a touching epic time travel fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.) But also this week, the owner of the web site has created a text adventure using nothing but inter-linked posts on Threads. "Think you can get under The Bridge?" its first post challenges. "Test your gaming skills with this Threads exclusive text-based game! "And then try to get your head around got much work it took to make it..."

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