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November 20, 2023 03:38 pm GMT

One Weird Kubernetes Trick, Timothe Chalomet, our first Code Jam ever, and more

Happy November! Some of you may be in chaotic end-of-year mode, be it through school ahead of holiday break or at work during 2024 planning. Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read our emails.

Things are far more buzzing than chaotic on our team. Weve been laying down a lot of groundwork towards building the new Glitch - which, in case you missed it, you can learn how to get involved here in the forum. The vision has always been building with the community, and so Im stoked that we kicked off our first Glitch Community Code Jams. All through November the community has been building around the theme of self-portrait.

Ive been building my own self-portrait for the jam too, live every Friday on our Youtube channel. Subscribe and join us sometime! I spend most of the hour showing off cool projects the community made on Glitch and then do some casual live coding while the chat helps me point out where I misplaced a comma. Hey, it keeps me humble!

See you on

Jenn, Director of Community

P.S. Have you created anything on Glitch lately? Wed love to feature it as an upcoming App of the Week. Submit your creations - or your favorites from the community - here!

screenshot of a WebXR experience with a little cute creature surrounded by falling playing cards

On the blogs

In the October edition of Last Month on Glitch, we showcase community projects built on WebXR, maps, Raspberry Pis, Timothe Chalomets wardrobe, and a lot more!

Here are some blog posts from the community that we loved!

Have you written about your Glitch apps on a blog, a conference talkanywhere? Let us know and well feature it in the next newsletter!

stock image of two people on their computers and a screenshot of the Glitch forum is pasted above one of the screens

On the forum

Check out what the Glitch community is sharing and discussing:

The Glitch Community Forum is the best way to ask the community for help, share what youre making, exchange friendly banter and get to know your fellow friendly Glitch creators. See you there!

Glitch Pro gem

Havent gone Pro yet? New subscribers can sign up for Glitch Pro with the code SELFPORTRAIT and get 25% off. Youll get 100% of the superpowers Glitch Pro gives you like project access controls, always-on apps, and more!

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