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November 20, 2023 09:46 pm GMT

Marketing Tips for Developers


  • I'm an experienced dev marketing leader
  • I'm launching a new content series to show developers the marketing skills they can learn/improve to make them more successful
  • You're invited to follow along and enjoy.

Developers hate marketing.

Developers hate marketing.

That's why there's so much content by dev marketers showing other dev marketers how to promote dev-centric stuff without annoying the technical audience in the process.

It's probably also why there's very little such content for developers themselves, showing them how to improve and leverage their own marketing skills. After all, why in the world would a developer need to know anything about marketing?

But this is a misconception.

Because like it or not, these days, we are all in marketing (yes - even you).

A few quick examples that might sound familiar:

  • Are you an open-source developer trying to get contributors for your new project? You'll need some marketing skills for that.
  • Trying to make your portfolio/CV stand out so you can land a job? Here too, you'll need marketing.
  • Want to publish more content and build some domain authority? Yep. Marketing.
  • Want to grow and monetize your social presence? Maybe become a DevRel one day? You guessed it. Marketing.

In my experience and IMHO, improved marketing skills will move the needle for virtually any developer at any level.


I show developers how to become good marketers.

For the past 2+ years, I've led go-to-market efforts at Livecycle - a dev-focused company solving the 'endless feedback loop' problem with tools that enable developers to share work instantly and collect feedback in context.

At this point, I have a ton of experience - not only in marketing to developers, but also in coaching developers on how to become natural marketers themselves.

The opportunities I've had to share relevant marketing insights, strategies, and tactics with the dev community have been so impactful that I've decided to open it up to a wider audience through this content series - "Marketing for Developers".

Some of the topics I'm planning to cover:

  • Developing a personal brand
  • Product launches for dev-oriented products
  • How to increase traction for your open-source project
  • How to grow and leverage your social media presence
  • How to improve your content creation and distribution
  • How to send cold emails to developers without getting hate mail in return
  • And much more...

Feel free to follow me here and connect with me on LinkedIn.

And if there are specific questions or topics you'd like me to address, please reach out or drop them in the comments below.

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