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November 20, 2023 11:10 am GMT

These 6 repos will help you crush React Server Components (RSC)

A few months ago, the React team introduced React Server Components (RSC) to the dev community. React Server Components allow you to write UI that can be rendered and cached on the server, reducing load times.

Some open-source projects have begun to adopt this new model and in this article, I will share with you six of these repos at the forefront of web development

lets roll momma


1. Formbricks

Formbricks is an open-source experience management platform that helps companies to build user-friendly products and services.

  • Built with Next.js, Prisma, and Tailwind CSS.
  • Completely runs on RSC
  • Formbricks integrates with a variety of third-party tools, such as Google sheets, Notion, Airtable, Zapier, etc.
  • In October, Formbricks hosted the FormTribe hackathon to ship all Typeform-like features.

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Twenty OS CRM

2. Twenty 20

Twenty is an open-source CRM alternative to Salesforce. It also gives users the choice of self-hosting.

  • Built with React, Prisma, and Next.js among others.
  • Users can track their sales opportunities by tracking the stage of the deal, the value of the deal, and the next steps.

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Blitz Repo

3. Blitz

Blitz is an open-source full-stack React framework. It adds all the missing features to your React app, like:

  • Automatic code generation
  • Built-in data fetching and caching
  • Authentication and authorization

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Open Source DocuSign

4. Documenso

Documenso is an open-source document signing platform built with React and Next.js. Documenso aims to provide a transparent, accessible, and trustworthy alternative to commercial document signing platforms.

  • Recently launched a rewrite with RSC
  • It offers a variety of features, including secure document signing, electronic signatures, document tracking, user management, team collaboration, and integrations with other popular business tools.
  • Documenso is a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes.

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5. Idurar

Idurar is an open-source ERP/CRM library built on the MERN stack.

  • It offers a variety of features, including contact management, lead management, opportunity management, task management, and reporting.
  • Integrations with other popular CRM platforms.

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6. Tanstack Query

Tanstack query is formerly known React Query. It supports React Server Components and includes a number of features that make it a good choice for learning React Server Components.

Tanstack Query has a simple and intuitive API that makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

Supports both server-side rendering and client-side hydration, making it a good choice for building applications that are both fast and responsive.

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Have a look at these repositories to learn how they use RSC

Any other cool repos we should list here? Comment


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