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September 18, 2023 07:04 am GMT

Youre in Good Company with OSS: CrabNebula and Impierce Technologies

There are so many great reasons for loving open source software (OSS). Some people love being valued members of the communities that organize themselves around OSS. Others prefer knowing more about the code they love using. Some folks just love the freedoms that OSS embodies. Many love to #codeinpublic and the tight feedback loops that it brings.

There is one other reason to support and build open source software, a reason often overlooked by businesses and OSS organizations alike. It is hard-won knowledge shared by both CEOs of CrabNebula and Impierce Technologies. They believe that open source, when done well, has a longer shelf-life than proprietary software.

CrabNebula and Impierce

Longevity is important for those playing the infinite game of building Businesses that Dont Suck. Especially in the realm of GDPR, eIDAS, CCPA, PII, etc. building in the open is a proven way of exhibiting compliance and accountability in research and in business - the ignorance of either can be huge risk factors for businesses surviving in this world of SaaS and paid-for APIs.

When they were just starting on their journey, Impierce reached out to CrabNebula to discover if building a mobile app for their products could be done with Tauri. Would CrabNebula, as the largest collective group of contributors to the Tauri ecosystem, be able to support them? Would being early adopters for Tauri mobile be a risk worth taking so that they could build apps for managing what they call an Identity Wallet? Could CrabNebula help them write some specialized plugins for Tauri mobile if they got stuck?

An Identity Wallet is an app where people can manage their self-sovereign identities (SSIs) and take control over their own data. It is an important component of the upcoming electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS 2.0) regulation.

Ultimately, they wanted to know if working with the CrabNebula team would mitigate their development risks. Our answer was a resounding Yes, it will! Wed love to engage, but lets up the ante! Weve heard Impierce loves open source as much as we do. Lets partner together to build this and donate it to the open source community.

And thats what happened. CrabNebula and Impierce Technologies agreed that the results from the development of plugins would be donated to the community. We are proud to announce the availability of both the deep-link plugin that enables deep-linking into your app from a weblink, and the barcode-scanner plugin which uses the mobile camera for reading and parsing barcodes, like QR Codes.

There is more collaboration on the horizon, more goodness to be given back, and great products just around the corner. To find out more about the mission and vision of the team over at Impierce Technologies, head on over to their website, or check out their open-source implementation of the OpenID4VC standards.

Are you interested in supporting Tauri and the greater open source community while developing something you need? If so, reach out to CrabNebula Consulting and fill out the form. Were excited to hear from you and what we can partner on together!

Author: Daniel Thompson-Yvetot, Chief Executive Officer at CrabNebula

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