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September 18, 2023 04:42 pm

You can get $500 in credit when you preorder Samsungs 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor

The large Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 on a white desk in a bright room near the window.
This big boi comes with a high price tag of $2,499.99. | Image: Samsung

After first making its official debut at CES 2023 earlier this year, Samsung’s massive 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor is now available to preorder in the US. You can get it for $2,499.99 when you preorder it ahead of its US release date on October 2nd — and even get $500 in Amazon, Best Buy, or Samsung credit to boot.

The Odyssey Neo G9 is the follow-up to Samsung’s Mini LED display of the same name, which was released in 2021. This time, though, it’s eight inches larger, with Samsung claiming the monitor is akin to having two 32-inch 4K displays sitting side by side.

Where to preorder Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor

Now through October 1st, you can get $500 in store credit when you preorder Samsung’s 57-inch Odyssey Neo...

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