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September 18, 2023 03:00 pm GMT

Would-be X competitor T2 Social is now called Pebble (no, not that Pebble)

Just like X (formerly Twitter), would-be competitor T2 Social has a new name, and its one that might ring a bell. Starting today, the service is called Pebble. And no, it's not a revival of the e-ink smartwatch company of yore.

Pebble said in an email to users that T2, which is run by former X/Twitter employees, was a placeholder name. It opted for Pebble after reviewing more than 60 options. The team plumped for that one because a tiny stone can cause ripples across a whole pond. Just like sharing your stories and insights can create waves in our community.

Its certainly an interesting choice. Pebble (the smartwatch) blew up on Kickstarter, only to go out of business a few short years later. Fitbit snapped up its intellectual property and Google later bought that business. That certainly doesnt seem ominous for the prospects of Pebble (the social media platform).

The latest entity to go by Pebble hasnt taken off in the same way as Bluesky (which recently passed a million users), Post (440,000 registered users as of June) or Threads (more than 100 million users in less than a week). Pebble has somewhere north of 15,000 registered users. In fairness, the service limited signups and opted for an invite system, which is also changing today as anyone with an X account can now join.

In addition, Pebble has rolled out a new tab called Ideas. Here, you can see a list of AI-generated suggestions for your next post or reply. Pebble CEO Gabor Cselle suggested this will help foster a kinder, safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone, though some might suggest that could lead to a more boring experience all around. As Wired, which first reported on the GAI feature, put it, "the Ideas features sometimes peppy or stilted prose could easily leave ones social feed feeling artificial and dull."

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