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September 18, 2023 03:00 pm

The Steve Jobs Archive is helping nine people follow in the mans footsteps

Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears at Apple’s special media event to introduce the second generation iPad at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on March 2, 2011 in California
Jobs was keen to support the liberal arts alongside technological developments at Apple during his time as CEO. | Image: Kimihiro Hoshino / AFP via Getty Images

Today, the Steve Jobs Archive (SJA) — an organization that collects and curates information about the late Apple founder’s life — has introduced a part-time fellowship program that aims to help a new generation of creative and technologically gifted people follow in Jobs’ footsteps.

The first nine SJA fellows are a group of “young creators” that includes musicians, engineers, storytellers, and more who will receive guidance, resources, and financial support over the coming year to help them make their creative ambitions a reality. According to the SJA press release, each of the fellows selected for the program was chosen for their “wide-ranging curiosity, sense of possibility, and determination to leave the world better than they found...

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