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September 18, 2023 02:37 pm GMT

TSMC Reportedly Tells Vendors to Delay Fab Equipment Deliveries

Reuters appears to be following every (internal) step that TSMC takestheir latest report suggests that company leadership has "told its major suppliers to delay the delivery of high-end chip making equipment." Two anonymous sources believe that execs are anxious about a predicted decrease in customer demand, and cost control plans have been implemented as a temporary measure. ASML is allegedly one of the vendors affected by TSMC's decision making.

Reuters conducted an interview with ASML CEO Peter Wennink a week priorhe acknowledged that some orders for high-end tools had been pushed back, without naming specific client identities, but the situation should resolve itself shortly. He stated that it was a mere "short-term management" issue: "we've had several (news) reports about fab readiness. Not only in Arizona... but also in Taiwan." ASML is reported to be operating at maximum capacity, and overall sales are forecast to grow 30% this financial year.

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