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September 18, 2023 11:57 am

How to Make Cute Anime TwitchPanels

Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

Cute Twitch panels can help bring some extra personality to your live stream. 

In this walkthrough, we'll create cute panels for Twitch, exploring some options for Twitch panel art. We'll work with some of the awesome works of Studio Ghibli to create great custom Twitch panels for those looking for something cute, fun, or anime styled. You can also adapt this process for any other artwork you like.

We'll use Adobe Photoshop to create our cute Twitch panels, but we'll also take a look at a Twitch panel maker later in the tutorial. This is a great option if you don't have Photoshop.

A Twitch panel maker is also a great choice if you'd like to create your panels from the comfort of your browser. 

What You'll Need:

When making Twitch panels, anime screenshots and game screenshots can be a fun addition to your channel. You could use your own artwork too. Choose the Twitch panel art appropriate for your channel's focus.

1. How to Create Custom Twitch Panels in Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

First, let's talk about the dimensions of custom Twitch panels.

Your Twitch panels are a fixed 320 pixels wide, so you'll need to keep that number in mind. The height, however, can vary. You will see some sources recommend larger and smaller widths, such as 320x160 (a 2:1 ratio) or even a larger 320x320 (a square, which could be good for larger, eye-catching links or info).

You have the freedom and flexibility to choose which is best for your channel. The maximum allowed by Twitch is 320px wide by 600px high. File sizes should stay under 1 MB.

For this demonstration, we'll start with a canvas size of 320 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.

Create a New Document in Adobe Photoshop of this size, to begin.

new document photoshopnew document photoshopnew document photoshop

Step 2

Let's begin by inserting a screenshot into our document.

Open your chosen screenshot in Adobe Photoshop. I'm going to use this one from Studio Ghibli's Ponyo. 

Then, go to Select > All at the top of the screen, to select the entire screenshot. You'll know your work is selected if you see this dashed line around your selection, as shown below.

Select All PhotoshopSelect All PhotoshopSelect All Photoshop

Step 3

Go to Edit > Copy to copy the entire screenshot. Then, return to your original document and go to Edit > Paste.

This will paste the screenshot into our 320x160 document. Notice, looking at our Layers panel, that the screenshot has been pasted onto a new layer called "Layer 1".

It looks blue, right now, because the screenshot is very large—we'll fix that in our next step.

Paste into Photoshop DocumentPaste into Photoshop DocumentPaste into Photoshop Document

Step 4

Right now, the screenshot is way too large for our work area, so we'll need to resize it.

Go to Edit > Free Transform to begin. You'll see that doing so puts resize handles around the image. Click and drag on them to resize the image until it fits better within this space.

You can rename your layers by clicking on the layer name in the Layers panel. This is for organizational purposes.

Photoshop Free TransformPhotoshop Free TransformPhotoshop Free Transform

Step 5

Next, let's add some text. Select the Type Tool in your Tools panel. 

With the Type Tool selected, we can select our Font, up in the Options panel, at the top of the software.

Photoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type Tool

Step 6

Then, with the Type Tool active, click on your workspace to begin typing, as you would in most word-processing software. I'm going to start with the word "Hello". We'll use this Twitch panel as an introduction and greeting for our viewers.

If you want to change the text, you can also turn to the Character panel. You can find it under Window > Character, at the top of the software. Here, you can change things like the font, font size, and font color.

Photoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type Tool

Step 7

Let's add a slight Stroke to our Twitch panel, just to give it a finished edge.

In your Layers panel, create a New Layer by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom of the panel. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to Fill this layer with the color white. Then, set the layer's Blending Mode to Multiply. This will make it appear invisible for now.

Photoshop Layers Blending ModePhotoshop Layers Blending ModePhotoshop Layers Blending Mode

Step 8

Go to your Layer Effects, at the bottom of the Layers panel, and select Stroke.

For this example, we'll use these values:

  • Size: 2 px

  • Position: Inside

  • Blend Mode: Normal

  • Opacity: 100%

  • Color: Dark Blue (#1e6279)

You're welcome to use any other values you prefer. Preview your work by keeping Preview toggled on. Once you're happy with your results, click OK.

This leaves us with an outline around the perimeter of our Twitch panel.

Photoshop StrokePhotoshop StrokePhotoshop Stroke

2. How to Customize Cute Panels for Twitch in Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

We've created the start of some simple anime Twitch panels. You could stick with what we've made and change the text for each panel, if you're happy with the outcome. If so, jump to Section 3 for more info on saving your work.

However, there's more we could do with this, too. Let's take what we've made and push it further. 

When I'm designing custom Twitch panels, whether they're Twitch anime panels, gaming Twitch panels, or any other genre, I like to see them all together in one document.

This helps me create something cohesive, and also helps me get a feel for how it might look on the channel page together. 

Start by creating a New Document. I like to work at 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. You could work at any size you prefer, as this document is just for seeing and working with more than one panel at once.

Photoshop New DocumentPhotoshop New DocumentPhotoshop New Document

Step 2

Then, turn to the custom Twitch panel we created earlier. Go to your Layers panel, and select all of your layers.

You can do this by holding down Shift, clicking on the first layer, and then clicking on the last layer on the list.

Photoshop select layersPhotoshop select layersPhotoshop select layers

Step 3

Drag these layers to your new document, and they will appear in the Layers panel over here.

Photoshop layers movePhotoshop layers movePhotoshop layers move

Step 4

You might notice that things look a little different. Our screenshot isn't fitting the right size anymore.

No worries! We can simply right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac and select Clipping Mask on our screenshot layer. Now, it will fit the size we originally intended.

Photoshop Clipping MaskPhotoshop Clipping MaskPhotoshop Clipping Mask

Step 5

Let's make another adjustment here. Click on the layer effect Stroke that we created, and drag it to the base layer of our custom Twitch panel. This will move this effect to that layer.

Then, we can erase our original anime Twitch overlay. To delete a layer, click on the Trash Can at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Photoshop Layer EffectsPhotoshop Layer EffectsPhotoshop Layer Effects

Step 6

I recommend placing this content in its own Layer Group or folder. We can do this by selecting the layers that make up our custom Twitch panels, and then clicking on the Folder icon, at the bottom of the Layers panel. 

You may also want to name your layers and your folders/groups. This way, you can easily keep track of what everything is.

You can also color code your layers/groups by right-clicking on PC or Control-clicking on Mac and choosing a color. These are optional steps for organizational purposes.

Photoshop Group FolderPhotoshop Group FolderPhotoshop Group Folder

Step 7

With our work in a group, we can then easily duplicate it. Just right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac and select Duplicate Group. Duplicate your content as many times as you like, for as many Twitch anime panels as you'd like to create. 

Then, select the Move Tool in your Tools panel. Select one of your duplicated group folders. Click and drag, with the Move Tool active, to move the custom anime Twitch panels to a new position.

Photoshop duplicate groupsPhotoshop duplicate groupsPhotoshop duplicate groups

Step 8

We can easily change the text on different panels with the Type Tool.

Select the Type Tool in your Tools panel, and then click on the type you'd like to change. Edit as you would in most word-processing software.

Photoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type ToolPhotoshop Type Tool

Step 9

We could leave all of our Twitch anime panels here identical with different text, if we'd like. However, it's easy to switch up the screenshots, with the way we've set this up.

Open up a new screenshot in Adobe Photoshop, and follow the directions from Section 1, Step 2, if you need a reminder of how to copy and paste this into your document. We'll use another screenshot from Ponyo.

The screenshot should be above the base of the Twitch panel. Then, right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac and select Clipping Mask, just like we did before. This is an easy way to try out as many screenshots as you'd like. 

In the example below, I changed the text color to white to accommodate this new screenshot. Remember, you can do this from your Character panel.

Photoshop Clipping MaskPhotoshop Clipping MaskPhotoshop Clipping Mask

Step 10

Since we know that every panel here is already 320x160 pixels, we can experiment with the height and transparency too. Let's do something a little different for our About Me Twitch panel.

Select the layer below your screenshot, the base panel layer. Then, go to Edit > Free Transform.

Hold down Shift and then click and drag on the top resize handle to give our Twitch panel less height. It's essential that we're only changing the height here, not the width.

Photoshop resizePhotoshop resizePhotoshop resize

Step 11

Since we can use transparent PNGs for our Twitch panels, let's experiment with transparency too.

First, let's change the Font for this panel to Calose Regular. Make the text say "About Me". Choose a contrasting Color; I chose a dark blue, like the panel's border.

Then, use the Move Tool to position it at the top of the panel, with some of it sticking out of the boundary.

Photoshop Character PanelPhotoshop Character PanelPhotoshop Character Panel

Step 12

Twitch can have either a light or a dark background, so it's important to design for both possibilities. Let's add a Stroke to the text here, to accommodate that.

Go to our background panel layer, right-click on PC or Command-click on Mac, and select Copy Layer Style.

Then, we can right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac, on our text layer, and select Paste Layer Style. Now, our text has a matching Stroke. 

Photoshop Text EffectsPhotoshop Text EffectsPhotoshop Text Effects

Step 13

You can use these techniques to create as many different custom Twitch panels as you like. Try out different screenshots! It's a good idea to test your work on a dark background as well (use the Paint Bucket Tool on the very bottom Background layer to do so).

Make sure to save your work, especially as a Layered PSD File. This way, you can go back and make more cute Twitch panels from the template you've made here, any time you like. Here's a sample of these same template designs with different screenshots.

Cute Anime Twitch PanelsCute Anime Twitch PanelsCute Anime Twitch Panels
Screenshots from Studio Ghibli's "Ponyo"

3. How to Save and Export Your Custom Twitch Panels

Step 1

Now, let's walk through saving your panels, so we can upload them to Twitch. Note that we will need to export and save each panel separately, one at a time.

When you're ready to export, right-click on PC or Control-click on Mac on the group containing your Twitch panel. Select Merge Group. This will flatten your group into one layer, as seen below.

Go to Select > All, at the top of the software. Then Edit > Copy

Merge Group PhotoshpMerge Group PhotoshpMerge Group Photoshp

Step 2

Create a New Document. The dimensions of your copied content should already be pasted into the New Document window. It should be 320 pixels wide.

Click Create to create this document.

Photoshop New DocumentPhotoshop New DocumentPhotoshop New Document

Step 3

Then, go to Edit > Paste. Your flattened Twitch panel should be pasted into this space, on a new layer, as shown below.

Photoshop paste layerPhotoshop paste layerPhotoshop paste layer

Step 4

We used our About Me Twitch panel, in this example, and it should have transparency at the top. So let's delete the background layer here. Select the background layer and then click on the Trash Can icon, at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Now, we should see a checker pattern at the top of our About Me Twitch panel. This indicates that it's transparent, just like we want.

Photoshop Delete layerPhotoshop Delete layerPhotoshop Delete layer

Step 5

Next, go to File > Save As to save our work. Choose PNG from the available file types, and name your file. PNG is a great choice for transparency, as we have here. You can also upload JPG files as Twitch panels, but keep in mind that they do not support transparency.

Repeat this step to save as many panels as you like.

Save as PNG fileSave as PNG fileSave as PNG file

Good Job! The Anime Twitch Panels Are Ready!

We've created some cute panels for Twitch that you can adapt in any way you like. What screenshots or artwork might you try? Have fun and experiment with all kinds of different ideas.

twitch anime panelstwitch anime panelstwitch anime panels
Screenshots from Studio Ghibli's "Ponyo"

But if you don't have Adobe Photoshop, or you're looking for a faster solution, you might want to try a Twitch panel maker.

Let's take a look at an online Twitch panel maker too.

How to Make Cute Twitch Panels With an Online Twitch Panel Maker

Step 1

We're going to take a look at an online Twitch panel maker called Placeit. It's a browser-based tool, meaning you can design and create your Twitch panels without any software required.

To check out Placeit, head over to the website. There are plenty of Twitch panel templates to choose from. Feel free to pick one out. We'll use this one, in this demonstration.

Online Twitch Panel MakerOnline Twitch Panel MakerOnline Twitch Panel Maker
PlaceIt is an online tool that you can use to make your own custom Twitch panels online.

Step 2

Once we've selected our design, we can dig right into customization.

For example, you can click on existing design elements to select them, and then click and drag to rearrange them in the layout.

placeit online twitch panel makerplaceit online twitch panel makerplaceit online twitch panel maker

Step 3

On the left side, we can alter our text. Change what the text says by typing in new content. Beneath the text, we can change the font and the font color. Give it a try.

online twitch panel creatoronline twitch panel creatoronline twitch panel creator

Step 4

We can also easily change the colors and imagery. Take a look at the options on the right. 

Change the background color, design element colors, and more. We can also change and add imagery here, including imagery already provided within Placeit.

It's looking like an entirely new design now, right?

cute twitch panels online makercute twitch panels online makercute twitch panels online maker

Step 5

We can also upload custom imagery. Let's try this out with some of the Studio Ghibli imagery that we used earlier in this tutorial.

All we have to do is click on Upload Image and select the image from our computer, and then Placeit lets us crop and adjust the imagery in our layout, any way we like.

custom anime twitch panels onlinecustom anime twitch panels onlinecustom anime twitch panels online

Step 6

Once you've created a cute Twitch panel that you like, it's as simple as clicking Download to download your work.

With premium content like this, you only have to pay if you decide you want to proceed and download. It's a bargain price too. Pay as you go, or grab a subscription to download unlimited designs.

custom twitch panel makercustom twitch panel makercustom twitch panel maker

Check Out These Custom Twitch Panels

Looking for more inspiration or custom Twitch panels you can customize right now? Check out these other designs from Placeit that you can try out today.

1. Gaming Twitch Panel Maker Template

Twitch Panel MakerTwitch Panel MakerTwitch Panel Maker

This cute Twitch panel template uses a gradient background, but you can switch it up with any colors or background that you prefer. Why not give it a try today?

2. Online Twitch Panel Maker Template

Online Twitch Panel MakerOnline Twitch Panel MakerOnline Twitch Panel Maker

Here's another Twitch panel template that you can try out right now. Change the font, swap the imagery, and completely change up the layout, if you'd like to.

3. Doodle Artwork Cute Twitch Panels Template

Twitch Panel Creator OnlineTwitch Panel Creator OnlineTwitch Panel Creator Online

Isn't this doodle cute? If you're looking for cute panels for Twitch, this one could be a fun template to try out. Mix up the colors, or place your info and use it as it is.

4. Pride Cute Twitch Panels Maker Template

Cute Twitch Panel MakerCute Twitch Panel MakerCute Twitch Panel Maker

There are a number of pride-themed Twitch panels over on Placeit that you can try out. This one features a cute rainbow balloon, making it a great choice for your next event.

5. Gaming Themed Twitch Panel Maker Template

Gamer Twitch Panel MakerGamer Twitch Panel MakerGamer Twitch Panel Maker

This Twitch panel uses some familiar gaming imagery, but you can choose from the gallery on Placeit or upload some imagery of your own.

Jump in and start experimenting with this design in your browser.

What Custom Twitch Panels Will You Create?

Thank you for walking through how to create cute panels for Twitch today. Want to learn more about creating anime Twitch overlays or other content for Twitch?

Check out these free tutorials and articles from Envato Tuts+.

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