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September 18, 2023 01:13 pm GMT

How to Export Canvas to SVG with react-konva


If you've been working with Konva.js for creating interactive graphics in React applications, you might have noticed that while Konva is fantastic at rendering and manipulating canvas elements, exporting your stage to SVG can be a bit tricky. This is where react-konva-to-svg comes into play, extending Konva's capabilities to export your stages in SVG format. In this article, we'll explore how to use react-konva-to-svg to enhance the quality of your exported images.


  1. Export to SVG: react-konva-to-svg provides a straightforward way to export Konva stages as SVG, opening up possibilities for better image quality and compatibility.

  2. Asynchronous Export: With asynchronous export and progress tracking, users can keep tabs on the export process, ensuring a smooth experience.

  3. Before and After Export Callbacks: The library offers callback functions for custom processing before and after export. This allows you to perform actions like hiding images before export and reverting visibility after export has finished.

  4. Flexible Context: The library's function for handling Konva stage objects is flexible and can be used globally, making it convenient for various use cases.

  5. Export Result Options: Choose between exporting the result as text SVG or Blob SVG, depending on your requirements.


Getting started with react-konva-to-svg is easy. You can install it using npm, yarn, or directly from GitHub:

npm: npm install react-konva-to-svg
yarn: yarn add react-konva-to-svg
GitHub: GitHub Repository


To use react-konva-to-svg, import the library and employ the exportStageSVG function with your Konva stage object. This function allows you to customize the export process based on your needs. Here's an example:

usage code example algorithm


For a complete example, check out the demo project included in the repository. There is also project in codesandbox.

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