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September 18, 2023 07:31 pm GMT

Hacktoberfest 2023: Sneak Peek at Badges & What's to Come

This article provides a sneak peek of what's to come as we gear up for Hacktoberfest 2023. Registration opens on September 26th. For the latest and most up-to-date information on DEV's involvement in Hacktoberfest, stay tuned to our Hacktoberfest 2023 updates page.

Welcome to Hacktoberfest 2023!

For the sixth consecutive year, were thrilled to team up with DigitalOcean to support Hacktoberfest, an event that resonates deeply with our values. At DEV, we strongly believe that diversity of perspectives enriches the open-source community, and we're proud to be part of an initiative that embraces individuals from all walks of life.

This year, were rallying all DEV members for an exciting Hacktoberfest adventure! Whether youre brand new to the community and contributing your first PR, or a seasoned dev who maintains a bustling OSS project, we encourage all to take part. DEV members will have the opportunity to earn a suite of stylish Hacktoberfest badges for your DEV profile, along with discounts on swag and merchandise from the Forem Shop.

To begin your journey, create or log into your DEV account and get ready to showcase your skills, connect with a global community, and earn fantastic rewards.

Unlock Your Hacktoberfest Badge Collection

The following Hacktoberfest 2023 DEV badges can be earned by sharing posts on DEV and participating in our community. Article templates will be provided to help you get started. Each badge has its own requirements outlined below:

  1. Pledge Badge: Pledge your commitment to Hacktoberfest by recounting your past Hacktoberfest experiences or sharing your current goals as a developer. Join us in celebrating the launch of Hacktoberfest and kickstart your journey to earning badges right away!
  2. Honored Contributor Badge: Four valid contributions and a related post unlock this badge, plus a 15% Forem Shop discount code.
  3. Honored Maintainer Badge: Maintain a repository during Hacktoberfest, write a post, and score a 25% Forem Shop discount code.
  4. DEV Contributor Badge: Merge a pull request to DEV's repositories and wear this badge with pride. Note: our team is actively selecting issues tailored for Hacktoberfest participants. We'll have a curated list ready for you in the upcoming week.

To claim and receive your rewards, youll need to have a account. Follow #hacktoberfest23 and keep an eye on our Hacktoberfest 2023 page for updates and more details as they become available. DEV will issue reward codes upon completion of the instructions.

Join Us!

Remember that the actions you take during Hacktoberfest can resonate far beyond October. Each pull request you submit is a step toward building a stronger, more collaborative open-source ecosystem, contributing to its long-term growth and vitality.

Let's make Hacktoberfest 2023 unforgettable!

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