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September 18, 2023 04:18 pm GMT

(PR) NVIDIA Announces Collaboration with Anyscale

Large language model development is about to reach supersonic speed thanks to a collaboration between NVIDIA and Anyscale. At its annual Ray Summit developers conference, Anyscalethe company behind the fast growing open-source unified compute framework for scalable computingannounced today that it is bringing NVIDIA AI to Ray open source and the Anyscale Platform. It will also be integrated into Anyscale Endpoints, a new service announced today that makes it easy for application developers to cost-effectively embed LLMs in their applications using the most popular open source models.

These integrations can dramatically speed generative AI development and efficiency while boosting security for production AI, from proprietary LLMs to open models such as Code Llama, Falcon, Llama 2, SDXL and more. Developers will have the flexibility to deploy open-source NVIDIA software with Ray or opt for NVIDIA AI Enterprise software running on the Anyscale Platform for a fully supported and secure production deployment. Ray and the Anyscale Platform are widely used by developers building advanced LLMs for generative AI applications capable of powering intelligent chatbots, coding copilots and powerful search and summarization tools.

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