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January 30, 2023 02:45 pm

Chinese Search Giant Baidu To Launch ChatGPT-Style Bot

Baidu is planning to roll out an artificial intelligence chatbot service similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT potentially China's most prominent entry in a race touched off by the tech phenomenon. From a report: China's largest search engine company plans to debut a ChatGPT-style application in March, initially embedding it into its main search services, said the person, asking to remain unidentified discussing private information. The tool, whose name hasn't been decided, will allow users to get conversation-style search results much like OpenAI's popular platform. Baidu has spent billions of dollars researching AI in a years-long effort to transition from online marketing to deeper technology. Its Ernie system -- a large-scale machine-learning model that's been trained on data over several years -- will be the foundation of its upcoming ChatGPT-like tool, the person said. ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence tool, has lit up the internet since its public debut in November, amassing more than a million users within days and touching off a debate about the role of AI in schools, offices and homes. Companies including Microsoft are investing billions to try and develop real-world applications, while others are capitalizing on the hype to raise funds. Buzzfeed's shares more than doubled this month after it announced plans to incorporate ChatGPT in its content.

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