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January 24, 2023 09:12 am GMT

Samsung 990 PRO Flagship SSD Has an Endurance Problem, Users Notice Rapid Drive-Health Drops

Samsung 990 PRO is the company's flagship client SSD, which is among the fastest Gen 4 NVMe SSDs you can buy. It also commands a very high price premium, with the 1 TB variant priced at $170, and the 2 TB variant at $290. When you're buying in this segment, you expect the highest endurance figures for your SSD. Client SSD endurance figures are already on the rise, as NAND flash technology evolves. Neowin noticed that their 990 PRO isn't meeting this vital expectation, and with a little digging, found that there are others with this problem, and they didn't just get a bad drive.

Apparently, the "drive health" reading in Samsung Magicianthe utility software for Samsung SSDsdrops rather rapidly for the 990 PRO. After a clean software installation on a new drive, Neowin observed that their drive's health reading was already at 99% (something very unexpected for a new drive); and what's worse was that even with regular use of the drive in the following days, the drive health would drop by 1 percentage point every day. Drive health is interchangeable with endurance, as it indicates the number of program-erase (PE) cycles left on the NAND flash memory before regions of the drive's user-area become unwritable.

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