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November 24, 2022 07:41 am GMT

Taking some time off to charge batteries

I just came back from the short holidays that I took to once again go to Budapest (Hungary) and enjoy the hobby that I love the most which is Technical Diving!


I decided to write this post purely because how refreshing it was for me to take even three days off. It allowed me to come back to work and community stuff with fresh mind and new ideas.

I am currently in several processes both in my work and outside it (doing community stuff) so just before the holidays, I felt quite overwhelmed with the stuff that needed my attention. After coming back, I managed to finish all of them easily, and I believe that if I was doing them instead of my days off, I might not close all of them the same way. Not to mention new ideas that popped to my mind ;)

Below, I listed some of my favourite pictures from this trip. Enjoy!

Molnar Janos

Molnar Janos2

Molnar Janos3

And I wrote this article for you to show that a bit of rest is needed from time to time to free your mind. Thanks to it, you will be able to find new ideas and sort things out. Not to mention that it is just fun as well.

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