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November 24, 2022 05:20 am GMT

Save 63% on Audible and get a 20 voucher this Black Friday

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SAVE 63%: New users can get a four-month subscription to Audible for £2.99 per month this Black Friday, saving 63% on list price. Until Nov. 25, this deal comes with a £20 Audible voucher for free.

We're not in the business of picking favourites because all deals are equal in our eyes, but if we were pushed to select a standout deal from this year's Black Friday, we might highlight the offer on Audible.

New users can get a four-month subscription to Audible for just £2.99 per month. That's a massive saving of 63% on list price, but it gets better. Until Nov. 25, this Black Friday deal comes with a £20 Audible voucher thrown in for free. Within 48 hours after you sign up for the membership, Audible will deposit a £20 cash credit voucher directly into your account. This voucher will expire at midnight on Dec. 31.

We need to be very clear that this deal is not available to current members, trialists, or anyone who has cancelled their audible account within the last 12 months. Something else to note is that the subscription will automatically renew for £7.99 per month at the end of the promotional period. You can cancel this renewal at anytime though, so there's no obligation to pay anything more than the sale price.

This Black Friday deal includes one title to download and keep each month, unlimited listening to the Plus Catalogue, and of course, that £20 Audible voucher.

Bag this limited-time offer on Audible and get a £20 voucher to spend before the end of the year.

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