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September 22, 2022 01:00 pm

Yales new keypad locks are smaller and smarter

Keypad door lock with a finger
Yale’s new smart lock line includes touchscreen, keypad, and keyed versions. | Image: Yale

Yale has revamped its smart lock lineup with four new keypad models: touchscreen or buttons, with or without a keyed lock. The new locks are smaller, sleeker, and all of them support Bluetooth and Apple Home out of the box. Thanks to Yale’s ingenious network cartridge modules, they can work with any other smart home platform, too — a Wi-Fi module is available now, Z-Wave is coming soon, and there’ll even be a Matter over Thread module. Best of all, the new modules are backward-compatible. If you have a Yale Assure lock already, Yale just gave it a new lease on life.

The Yale Assure 2 line starts at $159.99 and goes up to $259.99 (see sidebar for exact models and pricing). All four locks are around 30 percent smaller overall than the...

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