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September 22, 2022 05:23 pm

Trombone Champs developers want to take the game farther than we originally planned

A screenshot from Trombone Champ. An avatar on the right side of the screen plays trombone, while notes fly toward the left of the screen. In a psychedelic background, there are many horses.
It’s not just the music that’s ridiculous in Trombone Champ. | Image: Holy Wow Studios

If your Twitter feed is anything like mine, it’s recently been filled with hilarious videos of the trombone rhythm game Trombone Champ. Much of the silliness comes from players “sliding” the in-game cursor to try and hit the next note, and the resulting songs often turn out to be absolutely ridiculous.

How can you not laugh at this? It’s absurd! And I love the bright-eyed Nintendo Mii-like avatars — they give the game a fun playfulness.

Trombone Champ’s seemingly overnight...

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