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September 22, 2022 12:00 pm

This new turntable can play music directly to a Sonos system

An image of the Victrola Stream Carbon turntable on a shelf with a Sonos Five speaker at each side.
No wires necessary to get this turntable on your Sonos system. | Image: Victrola

Getting your vinyl playing on a Sonos system has never been necessarily hard; it just takes the right gear. You can plug a turntable into something like the Sonos Five, Amp, or Connect. Or if you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled turntable, the Sonos Roam can beam that audio to the rest of your system. But obviously the ideal solution would be a turntable that transmits audio directly to a Sonos system with no extra hardware required. That’s exactly what the new Victrola Stream Carbon turntable offers.

Priced at $799, the Stream Carbon “requires no additional equipment for connecting to a Sonos ecosystem, allowing effortless setup and easy control with the Sonos app,” according to Victrola’s press release. Initial setup is done through the...

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