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September 22, 2022 03:01 am GMT

NVIDIA Ada AD102 Block Diagram and New Architectural Features Detailed

At the heart of the GeForce RTX 4090 is the gigantic AD102 silicon, which we broadly detailed in an older article. Built on the 4 nm silicon fabrication process, this chip measures 608 mm in die-area, and crams in 76.3 billion transistors. We now have our first look into the silicon-level block diagram of the AD102, including the introduction of several new components.

The AD102 features a PCI-Express 4.0 x16 host interface, and a 384-bit GDDR6X memory interface. The Gigathread Engine acts as a the main resource allocation component of the silicon. Ada introduces the Optical Flow Accelerator, a component crucial for DLSS 3 to generate entire frames without involving the graphics rendering machinery. The chip features double the number of media-encoding hardware engines as "Ampere," including hardware-accelerated AV1 encode/decode. Multiple accelerators mean that multiple streams of videos can be transcoded (helpful in a media production environment).

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