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September 22, 2022 07:10 pm GMT

Moving Intellij to VSCode by keeping these shortened keys

I am basically an IntelliJ user, but sometimes I use VScode. And one of the few reasons I don't like VSCode too much is the lack of space and visibility for debugging and my keyboard shortcuts.

In this post, I can solve from an extension the second problem.

Install the extension on VSCode

I found how I can achieve my wish with IntelliJ IDEA Keybindings.

Preview of the process to this extension

IntelliJ IDEA Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code
Build Status License: MIT Marketplace Version Install

Port of IntelliJ IDEA key bindings for VS Code. Includes keymaps for popular JetBrains products like IntelliJ Ultimate, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHP Storm, etc.

Export settings of your Jetbrains IDE

Go to File Manage IDE Settings Export Settings, and select just Keymaps (schemes). Unzip that. And you're done!

Export settings from Jetbrains IDE


  • Launch Code
  • Open command pallet Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows) or Cmd-Shift-P (macOS)
  • Choose Import IntelliJ Keybindngs (XML)
  • Copy & Paste it into keybindings.json

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