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September 22, 2022 11:30 am GMT

(PR) Alphacool Unveils Eisblock XPX Water Block Made Entirely of Brass

Alphacool today presents the brass variants of the Eisblock Aurora XPX Pro and XPX Edge CPU coolers. Due to the high popularity of these very powerful CPU coolers, Alphacool has decided to offer these additional variants in black and chrome.

The new XPX Aurora Pro and XPX Aurora Edge models are made entirely of brass and are specially designed for processors with particularly large processor cores. In combination with the nickel-plated copper base, the waste heat of the CPU is distributed even better and transferred more efficiently to the cooling liquid. This is further supported by Alphacool's Subzero Thermal Grease, which is included with the coolers. With 16 W/mK, Subzero is currently one of the most powerful thermal pastes on the market.

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