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June 23, 2022 04:16 am GMT

NZXT Launches High-performance Thermal Paste

NZXT has recently entered the thermal paste market with the introduction of their descriptively named High-performance Thermal Paste available in 3 g and 15 g variants. The paste features a thermal conductivity of 6.3 W/m-k and is advertised as non-conductive and non-curing to prevent electrical shorts and simplify installation. The listed materials include Zinc oxide, Liquid polymer, and Aluminium while the viscosity is specified as 35~220*10 mPa.s and specific gravity as 3.5 g/cc. NZXT includes a single alcohol wipe with each tube and advises that the thermal paste has a three year shelf life. The NZXT High-performance Thermal Paste is now available to purchase for 9.99 USD (3 g) and 19.99 USD (15 g).

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