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January 14, 2022 04:34 pm GMT

Upcoming Solana NFT Projects - Moonly

Upcoming Solana NFT Projects Moonly

Good day, good people! After a short break from sharing my progress update for Automatio, Im back with a new project. Meanwhile, I married and became a father, (minted) a beautiful girl called Mila.

As you may know already, I devote time to building a no-code web automation tool called Automatio (a powerful web scraper and bot builder). But I also dived into Solana NFT blockchain development a couple of months ago. And despite the challenges, its been an exciting ride.

But Quickly, Whats an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT can be any physical item made available for sale digitally. This can be a painting, music, or any other sellable. And by non-fungible, it means an NFT isnt replaceable, even with any other similar item. Its essentially unique and tagged to the makers identity. In essence, no two same NFTs can exist at the same time. Each NFT item is identified in a blockchain using a unique token generated at the point of minting. And thats why they call them non-fungible tokens, which means theyre non-replicable as each of them possesses a unique certificate.

Minting, however, means creating an NFT item on a digital platform such as Solana to put it out for sale. NFTs exist on blockchains and are available for sales in cryptocurrencies. When you sell an NFT as the author, you invest in a lifetime passive income as the unique token trails your creation. So even whenever buyers resell your item, you get a certain percentage, called a royalty (determined by you), on each sale.


So, friends, I present to you, for the first time, **Moonly**, the Solana blockchain project that has captured my time and passion. With a regularly updated database of trending NFT projects, it helps you recommend the best upcoming NFT projects worth investing in on Solana.

Ive been on to NFT for some years now, and I know how difficult it can be to decide what NFT project is worth the time and investment. This problem and other salient ones are what I vision Moonly to solve. Its currently a prototype version. But with the current development metrics, Im optimistic that it will be a handy NFT project companion, dishing out the best timely ideas to its users when it finally launches. Moonly not only recommends the best NFT project available on Solana but goes ahead to help you decide which one is worth minting at a particular time.

So whats Moonly, and how does it work?

Its an NFT recommender built on the Solana NFT blockchain. Since engagement determines, to a great extent, the potential worth of an NFT project, Moonly uses data analysis and detailed visualizations to give insights on metrics, such as the engagement pattern of NFT projects on Solana. Using these stats, it then tells you the most promising upcoming project with high potential to bring you passive income.

The recommender relies heavily on several NFT data points sourced from several APIs. And we also scrape some using **Automatio** in real-time. This is also a way to interlink my products and build a robust infrastructural framework.

However, Moonly will recognize possible blue-chip NFT projects by analyzing over 18 different factors like social stats, engagement, validation of followers, growth rate, doxxed founders, roadmap, Discord community, etc. It will offer a set of tools to help you monitor existing NFT projects and better decide on trading factors like Floor Price, Volume, Listing count, historical data, undercut opportunities, and more.

However, regardless of your experience with NFTs, the purpose of Moonly is to take you to the moon! It ensures that you invest only in solid NFT projects with high ROI (return on investment) potential.

Having been a part of the Solana community for a while now, it became my first choice for blockchain technology. Indeed, its one of the fastest decentralized systems. It also offers a lower cost per transaction, and its more eco-friendly than most alternatives out there. Plus, its a friendly community. Thats why its popular among NFT creators and investors.

Below, you can find the top 30 Solana NFT projects of all time, sorted by volume. Clicking on any of them redirects you to Moonly, where you can find more information about them. Nonetheless, note that what you currently see is just a prototype. A fully rebuilt version is coming soon, with more data for each project.

Boryoku Dragonz

Solana Monkey Business

Shadowy Super Coder DAO

Degen Coin Flip

Degen Ape Academy



Monkey Kingdom

Taiyo Robotics


Stoned Ape Crew




OG Flowers


Baby Ape Social Club

The Catalina Whale Mixer


Nyan Heroes

Playground Waves

Zero G Labs: Solanauts

Fine Fillies

Galactic Geckos

Solsteads Surreal Estate

Pesky Penguins


Famous Fox Federation

Solana Monkette Business

Finally, Id like to know, are you into the NFT games? If yes, whats your chosen chain? Solana or Ethereum? And what NFT project are you holding? More importantly, Id appreciate your honest feedback on the Moonly project itself.


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