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October 13, 2021 03:18 pm

Verge Deals is our biweekly newsletter filled with tech sales and exclusive deals

Verge Deals, our weekly newsletter, highlights the best deals of the week, exclusive discounts, and more.

Every day, The Verge scours the web looking for and writing about the best tech deals — but did you know many of these highlights can also be found in our newsletter?

Each week, we deliver the top tech deals and sales straight to your inbox. We look for the kind of discounts we rarely see on items that are truly good investments — not small price drops on mediocre goods. These are deals on products we’ve tested, used, or feel confident in recommending, from laptops and 4K TVs to the latest smart speakers.

Occasionally, we even treat our readers to exclusive deals. Recent newsletter subscribers, for instance, were amongst the first to find out about the $150 discount we’re currently offering on a standard ticket to On The Verge, our...

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