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October 13, 2021 11:15 am GMT

The Morning After: Someone made a USB-C iPhone

Years ago, I wrote this piece about how I really wanted the iPhone to adopt USB-C and retire its Lightning connector. This was just after the advent of the companys first iPhone Pro models with pro level features, like surgical-grade stainless steel and, er, three cameras. Fast-forward to now, just after the launch of the iPhone 13 series, and I still dont have my USB-C iPhone. Fortunately, there are engineers that like a challenge.

On his YouTube channel, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology student Ken Pillonel teased an iPhone X with a USB-C port, promising a full video later on how it was done. In an earlier video, he also explained how he reverse-engineered the Lightning connector, pulling out an integrated circuit from a third-party cable and hooking it all up to a USB-C connector. Yes, this is not something most of us should attempt.

Its certainly possible for Apple to do the same, given the iPad Pro and new mini have USB-C ports. Europe recently proposed USB-C charging as standard for all phones and electronic devices which may speed up Apples adoption.

Mat Smith

Google countersues Epic Games for sidestepping fees on in-app purchases

It said the company willfully breached its Play Store developer agreement.

Google has countersued Epic Games over in-app purchases on Fortnite, saying it "willfully breached" its Play Store developer agreement. Epic originally sued Google in August, shortly after it filed a complaint against, and was countersued by, Apple. "Epic has alternatively been unjustly enriched at Google's expense," the company said in its complaint.

In case you forgot, Epic sued Google when it removed Fortnite from its Play Store after a Mega Drop update gave players a way to bypass Play and get discounted items.

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Apple is holding its next event on October 18th

Didnt we just have an Apple event?

Apple Unleashed event invite

Apple will hold a second fall product event on October 18th at 1 PM ET. The invitation for the virtual Unleashed presentation doesn't provide many clues, but were expecting to see 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, powered by souped-up M1X processors.

Apple might also introduce third-generation 'basic' AirPods headphones we thought wed see at the iPhone just months ago.

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Motorola Edge (2021) review

Improvements where they were needed most.

Motorola Edge stood in puddle.

Motorolas Edge, updated for 2021, still makes compromises but in adding a fast 144Hz display, a more consistent fingerprint sensor and better software support, it addresses many of the shortcomings of its predecessor. If you can forgive the middling camera and its missing wireless charging, theres a lot to like about this phone. For now, the unlocked 256GB model is $600, but it will eventually cost $700. Another strong midrange phone is here.

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Tile teases its first ultra-wideband tracker to go up against Apples AirTags

The company has also upgraded its existing lineup.

Tile is making a tracker that uses both ultra-wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth and will work across both Android and iOS. UWB devices can transmit directional and spatial data to narrow down their location more accurately than over Bluetooth alone.

The Tile Ultra tracker's Point and Locate feature lets you use augmented reality to find the item with turn-by-turn directions and a visual indicator of where the tracker is. Tile's working with Google to refine the feature for Android 12 and UWB-capable phones. Its set to arrive in early 2022.

Until then, the company has announced the new Tile Pro, as well as revamped versions of Sticker, Slim and Mate trackers. The Pro is the company's most powerful tag to date, with a finding range of 400 feet.

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Netgear's new quad-band WiFi 6E mesh router costs $1,500

For that premium router feel.

Netgear routers

How much would you pay for the fastest home wireless networks possible? At least its a three-pack.

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VanMoof's fastest e-bike yet tops out at 31MPH

The company plans to start shipping its first hyperbike in late 2022.

VanMoof V hyperbike

E-bike maker VanMoof wants to get riders from A to B more swiftly with its first high-speed model. The VanMoof V is the companys first hyperbike, which will be able to hit a top speed of 31MPH (50KMH).

VanMoof is pitching this as a car replacement for city life and longer commutes, but as speed limits for e-bikes vary across cities and counties, the e-bike will have matching integrated speed settings. As it develops the VanMoof V, the company plans to work with lawmakers and governments on e-bike rules, including geofencing and speed regulations.

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