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October 13, 2021 03:53 pm

Safety regulator wants info on Teslas FSD beta, safety score evaluation

Tesla will ship a “full self-driving” car in a beta version.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to know why Tesla didn’t issue a recall for Autopilot after it became obvious the driver assistance system had a problem “seeing” parked emergency vehicles. NHTSA is also asking Tesla for more information about the growing public beta test of its incomplete Full Self-Driving software, the recently launched “Safety Score” evaluation process for entering the program, and the non-disclosure agreements Tesla was making participants sign up until this week.

The safety regulator’s concerns were outlined in two letters published Wednesday — the latest in a series of recent moves by NHTSA that show it’s paying far more serious attention to Tesla now than it ever did during the Trump...

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